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December 9, 2011
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APH- Figures Dancing Gracefully... by eponinethecurious APH- Figures Dancing Gracefully... by eponinethecurious
EDIT: MOST FAVORITED? :iconrainbowtearplz: AWWWW you guys are so sweet, I wish I can give all of you a hug :huggle:

I have been working on this since August, and all the time consuming months were worth it. I actually like this drawing out of all my drawings.(I say that a lot, but I'm egotistic so yeah.) Okay scatch that, This IS my favorite piece out of all of them.

So to kind of get the ideas, it's the Semes dancing with their Ukes(who are the girls wearing the dresses of some Disney and Non-Disney princesses that are somewhat culturally incorrect, but hey, that's the beauty of it.)

Please don't bicker on who's pairing is better, I don't want any chaos brewing in this. I didn't work on this to make you guys argue at me about your favorite pairings, please? I understand we're all entitled to our opinions, but just no fighting is all I ask.

~Try and download the pic so you can see it upclose

Sparkles... I wanted to learn how...but Y U BE SO HARD TO USE DAMMIT?!

"Wind" by Akeboshi, and "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia were the only songs to keep up with my motivation. Heights, shadows, dresses, and uniforms are NOT accurate I apologize.

The reason why they're faceless noppera wannabe's is because this actually occured in a dream (like most of my drawings), but this time, the faces weren't seen, and I began drawing all of these on seperate pages on my sketchbook, on the first day of school.

Pairings shown here(from left to right):

RoChu- I wanted to put China in Anya's dress for a RoChu pic, but now the timing feels right. Plus, I've already seen him flaunting Mulan's bride dress for about 100 times lol. Now I want to put fem! Germany in the dress too, with Russia by her side :3

GerIta- I thought it fits because like Italy, Rapunzel is wimpy, but artistic, despite being able to hit people with frying-pan action, like our beautiful Hungarian friend lol. In other words, Rapunzel is the crack baby of Italy and Hungary.

AmeriPan- Don't they look Puuuuurrrrty? So yeah the storyline of The Princess and the Frog was supposed to be American, as well as putting in a Black Princess.

FrUk- In my perspective, I usually draw fem!Iggy without the pigtails and the little maids dress, but I wanted to draw the pigtails for fun this time. Plus, not being rude or hatin', but England has been the beast a little itty bitty too much, just sayin'. So let's let Iggy be the pretty one for once lol, and let ol' Frog face be the beast...a sexy beast. :rofl:

SuFin- We all know damn well Cinderella isn't a Swedish tale, but there are many "Cinderella" type stories around the world, hell I even read the Chinese version in the sixth grade, but I'm just burying the lead here. Okay scratch that, there really isn't and Swedish Cinderella tale, is there? Mostly because Cinderella was written in France, but was translated by the Grimm Brothers in Germany, so there's no logical reason. But, even you all noticed how Finland looks good in blue.

PruCan- Prussia(Prince Awesome) + Innocent Canada (Princess Who?) + tweeting Gilbirds and singing Kumajiros = Snow White. Other than the fact that Snow White interacts with woodland critters and birds, and you know our Gilbo has his trusty Gilbird, Canada has the same daintiness as Snow White, despite being invisible.

SpaMano- Disney...Why the Fuck is there no Spanish/Hispanic princess?! You Wankers!! Esmeralda is no princess, but she was the closest Disney/Non-Disney heroine I could try to squeeze in because of her F-ing skin color, dammit. Though many people mistaken her as a Spanish or Egyptian Gypsy, she is actually French, due to the fact that in the original book, (spoiler alert) her birth mother is French. And I still put Romano in a gypsy dress anyway, FML.

AusSwitz- Like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty was one of the tales written by French people but translated by the Grimm Brothers, and thus classifying it a French(?)German(?)tale? I don't really know. I really hate how Switzy's hair came out -_-. I'm terrible on hair. However, I would never envision Switzerland to wear a pink dress, aside from wearing pink pajamas, so I picked blue. Although I should've done a green color instead. Whatever, I'll take it or leave it.

LietPol- Yes. The Swan Princess was based on Swan Lake. No it is not Lithuanian, in fact, it is Russian. This is sort of referenced from Lithuania and the Baltics having to dance a ballet for the Pictonians in "Paint It White." Plus our Poland is absolutely gorgeous as Odette :meow: I really like how this one came out.

DenNor- According to many Disney fans, Hans Christian Anderson (The guy who wrote "The Little Mermaid" and a few others) was in fact Danish. Of course this would fit. Like Switzerland, Norway is not a pink person (considering the red hair on Ariel really clashed, oh well, it was 1989, what can you do?), and I went with a sea green color instead.

HongIce- Mulan was the closest to Asian since China is one with Russia in Anastasia's dress (well at least in my mind). Iceland looks so adorable :squee: Mr. Puffin approves lol

TurGree- Yes Aladdin is an Arabic tale, No it's not Turkish. But there are a shit-ton of TurkeyxGreece pics with the two dressed as Aladdin and Jasmine and I wanted to do so, PLUS after hearing Chibi Romano call Turkey (Ottoman Empire) "Princess Jasmine" has convinced me otherwise. In my mind, I envision Greece to be a bit level headed, and yet he would go as far as punching there.

:stupidme: So much logic...Y U FUCK MY MIND LOGIC?!:iconyunoguyplz:

*I will post up a poll on missing pairings that you all want me to draw, so no need to fret
EDIT: The Winner of the poll is USUK, by 19 voters

:phew: that was a mouthful.

Tools Used: Pencil, Sketchbook, Corel Painter Essentials 4, Photoshop CS5.
Hetalia iconhimaruyaplz:
Disney Princess/ Heroine dresses Disney
Non-Disney Princess/Heroine dresses To their respectful companies
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Although I'm not a shipper, I really love this drawing. The poses are very dynamic and accurate and look smooth, as though they're really dancing. You drew the pleats in the dresses and outfits very well, and I actually think the fact that they don't have faces is a good though their emotions are completely up to us...or maybe because it makes them seem more graceful. :D I love how you put them all in different poses, and the light colouring is really nice--although there isn't much shading done on the piece. The dresses and snow-like effects are really pretty and go nicely with the gradation background. All the colour schemes go nicely together, and I think you made the right decisions with your representations of who's who. :)
I just want to mention again how awesome the clothing looks. It's just spectacular, and I feel as though they'll leap right off the screen and start dancing to Once Upon a December. (and I must admit, the title was what made me click on this drawing...even though I've never seen the movie, I love the song.)
So this really came to you in a dream? I wish I had dreams (and skills) like yours. :)
My favourites are Russia and Romano♀. Their outfits and poses just really stand out for me. unfortunately, I couldn't tell who a lot of them were without reading the description (like Switzerland, Greece, and Finland) and I kinda wish you'd have included Liechtenstein and Maybe some other female characters. :p Also, I think the pulsing vein effect on Romano doesn't quite fit the scene.
Overall, I really love this drawing...and now I'm going to go listen to Once upon a December
Oh, by the way, Anastasia isn't a Disney movie--it's 20th Century Fox. :D But I'm so glad you included it!
I love your art! You have amazing skills!
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I like the way you matched the couples to the movie couples based on their personalties. For Example, China as Bell and Russia as the Beast. I like how this is much detail on the dresses and the suits. I also like how you drew them in outfits from the movie but still added something they have in Hetalia. For Example, Russia's scarf. For originality, I have seen guys in dresses before, but never the fem! versions! XD I like how you used the fem!s. The colouring and shading is very nice. The outfits are exactly like the ones in the movie.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
13 out of 13 deviants thought this was fair.

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JasmineFlower14 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How beautiful and lovely drawing, :heart:
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:hug: thank you!
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